Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Montana Vacation - 2015

I have always wanted to go to Montana and now I can officially say I have been to Montana! It was beautiful out there!

Here are my newest key chains from the trip:

And my favorite (also, got a t-shirt like this):

And a few pictures:

War Room - The Movie

In just a few days, War Room- the movie, will be coming to theaters. I am looking forward to movie! I can't wait to go see another powerful movie by the Kendrick Brothers.

The movie releases this week, August 28, 2015.  I believe that the impact could be huge. I'm excited to see how God will use this movie. I encourage you to go out this weekend and watch the movie, I think it could change your life!

Here is the link to the website: http://warroomthemovie.com 
Also look for them on Facebook. Both their website and Facebook page has the movie trailer, so be sure to check it out!

Where Has Summer Gone???

As always, around this time, I am wondering what happened to Summer... June and July were very nice and of course busy. Then August came and is now close to being over with and I'm still wondering what happened. 

Living in Minnesota, you have only a few short months of Summer, of warm weather, of beach days... Then we have Fall, followed by that never ending season that seems to last forever. The season that starts with a "W" begins to sound like a bad word...

I absolutely love summertime and I hope to enjoy a few more days of warm weather! Anyway, I am going to hopefully get a few more posts done soon of what has been happening and I hope to share some fun things with you! 

Hope you are enjoying these last days of Summer! Go make the best of them!

One of the pretty flowers by our house earlier this summer!