Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our Project - 3 (she-shed, girls' get-a-way, cottage)

Even though we haven't come up with a name for our little project/she-shed, we did pick a theme!

Here we go! 

All cleaned out!

First step was painting white. 

More white. 

And more white!

We painted the beams white. 

And more white beams!

And then red around the windows. Loft window. 

Back window. 

Next Step - Book Pages!!! 

Our Project - 2 (she-shed, girls' get-a-way, cottage)

Next part of the project was moving it! We decided to move it closer the the garage so it would be easier to work on. The pictures also show the "before" of the outside! 

Stay-cation 2015

In February, our family has planned on going on vacation to CA. I had time off from work and so did Dad. We girls had all our summer clothes out and ready to be packed. Mom had even cooked all the food for our trip and froze most of it. And then because of family situations (that I have mentioned in past posts), we did not go. 

It was going to be a big vacation for the year, 10 days long. We were excited. We felt we had made the right choice by staying home, but it didn't make it much easier! Each passing day of our "vacation" was tough. So we pretended we were on vacation anyway! Even though we went back to normal life. We still did a couple fun things during that time. 

One of those days, we were out shopping and I happened across a keychain that I thought was cute. Mom said something along the lines of, "why not get it? We are on vacation". See it is my tradition to buy keychain a while on trips. They are my keepsake and it is a fun way to remember those times. So anyway, I thought this "trip" may not have turned out the way I wanted, but I want to remember this time and the events surrounding. So I bought the keychain! 

(It is a MN license plate that says, "Everyone loves a Minnesota Girl"!)

Our Project - 1 (she-shed, girls' get-a-way, cottage)

The last few weeks, we have been working on a new project! I actually remembered to take before and after pictures so I thought I would share what we have been working on! 

Maybe you have read blogs on this before or seen this idea on Pinterest, but now you'll get to see our unique spin on what they call a "she-shed". We are going to name ours, but we haven't come to agreement on one yet! So for now I'll refer to it as our project!

Here are the "before" pictures:

We took a playhouse that my dad had built many years ago and we (my mom, sister, and I) decided to convert it to the she-shed. 

This is the back wall.

One of the front corners.

The other front corner with the ladder to the loft.

The loft.

The playhouse needed to be cleaned out! It had become storage in the past couple years!