Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Six Characteristics for a Potential Spouse - FamilyLife.com

I was researching something for one of my classes on communications. I came across this article that I liked. 

Each of the following 6 things have more detail if you click the link below. I liked these suggestions.

Six Characteristics for a Potential Spouse - FamilyLife.com

Six Characteristics for a Potential Spouse by Dennis Rainey

I am often asked, "What should a single person look for in a potential spouse?" Singles want to know...and parents want to know so they can pass the information on to the children. So I finally came up with the following list:
A woman should seek a man who…
  1. Fears God.
  2. Is not afraid to love.
  3. Can admit his faults, his mistakes, and when he's hurt you.
  4. Can control his passions.
  5. Honors his parents. 
  6. Is in the process of becoming a leader who knows how to serve. 
A man should seek a woman who…
  1. Fears God and whose hope is in the Lord God.
  2. Honors her parents.
  3. Knows how to ask for forgiveness, admit she's wrong, grant forgiveness, and give grace when you fail her.
  4. Wants to be a wife and a mother.
  5. Displays character in her modest dress.
  6. Knows how to follow a man.

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