Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Washington DC Trip - The Keychain Version (part 4)

Supreme Court Building 
 While in D.C., I was able to tour the Supreme Court building and since I was able to add two keychains to my collection from there, I thought I would share them with you!

The first keychain is a gavel! On one side it say "United States" and on the other it says "Supreme Court".

"United States" gavel keychain
"Supreme Court" gavel keychain

I wasn't going to get this keychain originally because one keychain is enough from each place, but this may be one of the cutest keychains I have ever seen! It is a little tin box and it even opens up. 
Supreme Court keychain

Supreme Court keychain (the top)

Supreme Court keychain (With it open!)

The Supreme Court building is currently being repaired so there is a covering on it.

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