Friday, November 1, 2013

Thanksgiving first, then Christmas

Halloween is over. And I am glad for that. I do not care for the day.  Instead, I would rather celebrate Reformation Day. So anyway Halloween is over, and that means that Christmas decorations are going up in the stores and it is the next "retail" holiday. But wait, isn't there another Fall holiday that is coming up in between now and then? Oh yes, there is that holiday about the turkey. I think we almost forgot about that one...


I love Thanksgiving. In fact, I love the time leading up to Thanksgiving. It reminds me to be thankful and I think it prepares me for the Christmas season as well. It helps me to be thankful for the Gift of the season. I especially love Thanksgiving Day. The family all gathers around and each person tells something they are thankful for. I love hearing the answers, especially from the little ones! It is a time we set aside to give thanks. It is a great reminder for everyone.

This season, I ask you each to remember Thanksgiving. And more importantly remember what you are thankful for and to Who you are thankful to. Happy giving thanks month!

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