Friday, August 8, 2014

Let your voice be heard: Vote

Our MN Primary Election is this Tuesday and below is the letter to the editor that I wrote for our local newspaper.

Let your voice be heard: Vote

To the Editor:

Campaign season is in full swing. Lawn signs are up, political ads are in the paper and candidates are out and about vying for your vote. Your vote is important to each candidate. Your support is vital to them.

We have many different contested races coming up in the August primary, both locally and statewide. I encourage you to get informed. Look the candidates up. See where they stand on the issues. Get behind a candidate now. Don’t wait until the November election to choose a candidate. Make an informed decision today.

After you pick a candidate to vote for in the primary and then in the general election, fully support that candidate. Donate to the candidate. Write letters for that candidate. Walk in parades. Make phone calls. Tell all your friends and family why you are choosing to support that candidate.

In America, we have the right and privilege to vote and be involved in the political process. Many take those rights for granted. Instead, stand up today and make the choice. Have a real say in who your elected officials will be.

Support the candidates you like now in the primary so you can vote for them in November. — Mandy H

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