Saturday, December 13, 2014

Favorites - Christmas Songs

I have many favorite Christmas songs. In fact, I probably like Christmas more than I like any other genre of music! It is hard to narrow down favorites, so I will share a few. A lot of these are sad songs, but I dearly love them. 

One other note, I am very strick when it comes to playing Christmas music. It cannot be played before Thanksgiving, unless it is in July. (There is just something about "Christmas in July"). I recently found a song that shares my feeling very well. 

The Day After Thanksgiving by Brandon Heath
Listen to it here:

My list:

-Going Home for Christmas by Steven Curtis Chapman
-Christmas Shoes by NewSong

The following songs by Matthew West:
-The Heart of Christmas
-One Last Christmas
-Give this Christmas Away

-I heard the bells on Christmas Day (love the Johnny Cash version) 
-I need a silent night by Amy Grant
-Toy Packaging by Sara Groves
-Christmas with a Capital C by GoFish 

And many, many of the traditional songs as well. 

Here are a couple of my favorite Christmas CDs: 

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