Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Praise the Lord!!! Amen!

What a long day yesterday, but it was full of FUN!!!
I got up at 5am to be an Election judge, then when I got home, we got ready to go to the Election Night party!

I am happy to announce(after staying up until 3am), that Chip Cravaack is the new Congressman for MN CD8, Paul Gazelka is the new Senator for our area, and Mike LeMieur is the new Representative for our area!

As for MN Governor, the race is too close to call. I will post the results when they come out!

Thanks to everyone that helped us all out and all the candidates! Thank you to all the candidates that worked so hard and the friends and family that did a lot, too.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us some great people in our area!


Rachel said...

Yay! The fireworks in your background are perfect for the occasion!

Mandy Heffron said...

I thought so! :)