Friday, September 16, 2011

Midterm Week

I am now done with midterm week. I have wanted to post all week, but I was waiting to get through this school week. This means I only have one more set of midterms (next term)!!! I had two midterms this week. Both included essay questions, so I don't have my grade on them yet...waiting....

College update!!!

Taking 12 credits right now. 3 courses and 1 TECEP*. 5 weeks left!!!

30 credits left, 42 if you count the ones I am taking now.

6 1/2 months left until I am done with courses.

8 1/2 months until graduation.

Those are my goals and Lord willing, I will complete them soon!!!

*A TECEP is a lot like a CLEP test or a DANTE test or a self-study course. You study during the semester and then take a test at the end, much like a final exam.

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