Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Give Thanks for...

This morning I was thinking about Thanksgiving as I was helping my family get ready for the holiday. Each year on Thanksgiving, before dinner, our family gathers around to pray. Before we pray, each one of us says something we are thankful for. So while I was helping get the house ready, I was contemplating what I will say I am thankful. In past years, I have said I am thankful for family, friends, freedoms, God's grace, among other things. I am truly thankful for all of those things, but what will I say this year?

One part of tradition that I like to remind everyone of is what they are thankful for can't be the same as everyone else. My point being- I don't want everyone to say the same thing, like family. I want everyone to be creative in telling what they are giving thanks for. And to make everyone really think about it before saying something.

But back to my original pondering...what will I say this year? What am I truly thankful for this year? How has God blessed me?

My family has gone through a lot this year. We have been very busy and we have had many things happen with our family this year, including the loss of my Grandpa this summer.

So at the top of my list, I am thankful for...

-God's faithfulness and love

-My family

-The years I was able to spend with my grandparents. I miss them a lot.

-My friends- My long time friends and my new ones. This year, I had the opportunity to meet many new friends, younger and older than me. You all are dear to me.

-My electronics. Laptop, Kindle, and cell phone.

-Finishing college and getting my diploma! (long awaited!)

-Memories. One in particular was last Thanksgiving when my family was gathered around. It was the last Thanksgiving with my grandpa, he had written a list of what he was thankful for. He had thought about it in preparation. The one thing I remember he said he was thankful for was each one of us family members that were gathered. It is a special memory.


-God's Word

I give thanks to God for all of these things listed here and all of the things I don't have room to list. God has blessed me greatly and it is my prayer that I see His blessings everyday, even in the hard times.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I pray you are able to spend time with loved ones this holiday and that you take time to give thanks to God for your blessings.

*What are you thankful for?

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