Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Resolutions - one month later

It has been about one month since I made my resolutions/goals for the year. Below I will once again list my resolutions and where I am at with them.

  • Read more (fiction and classics) - I read 4-6 books in January. I read mostly fiction and didn't get to the classic books that I want to read. But the main point is that I was always reading a book! So good to have some time to read again.
  • Memorize Scripture - This goal, well, hasn't gone well.I had planned to start this one in February. I was going to memorize 1Corintians 13. One verse per day up to Valentine's Day. Well, it is the 6th day of February and I have yet to memorize any...
  • Read my Bible and do a Bible study - I am back to reading my Bible a little bit more consistently. I am currently reading the ESV version and would like to finish it this year. I started it back in 2011 and my new goal is to finish this version this year!
  • Pay off my college debt - Excited to finally be able to start paying down my loan!
  • Complete MEPS - This is a year-long program, I am almost halfway through! And it is going well! Really enjoying it. (click the link for more info).
  • Continue to be politically active -I think this one would be impossible for me to NOT do! I am currently writing my story of how I got started in politics! Look for it soon!
  • Journal (prayer journal) - More consistent as of right now. About weekly. 
  • Blog (weekly?) - Again, this one is for you to decide :) but I think it is going well right now.
One thing that I noticed about my resolutions this year is that I was really careful about what kind of resolutions that I made. Last year after making resolutions and not completing any, except graduating from college, I didn't want to make resolutions that I couldn't keep. I didn't want to set myself up for failure. Failure, or even just the feeling of it, is something I detest. I want to do my best and I want to complete my goals.

After realizing my real reasoning behind my goal setting, I think I had the wrong attitude about it. I believe it is okay to have big goals, its okay to strive for things bigger than we can imagine. We may not always achieve those goals, but we will never know until we try. And if we put our trust in God and let Him lead us along the way, we may be surprised at what we can accomplish. God may even have bigger plans for us than we have ever thought of.

What kind of goals did you set for this year? How are they going? Are you willing to let God use you and your goals?

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