Saturday, February 2, 2013

Texas Vacation Key-Chains

Back in January, I said I was going to post pictures of my key-chain collection. But I have yet to be consistent in doing that. Last week, I took pictures of all the key-chains that I have and they are ready to be posted. 

The key-chains I am posting this week, are some that I recently got. They are from our family vacation back in November 2012. One of my favorite ways or times to get new key-chains are when we are on a trip. It is my special souvenir and a way to remember the fun times we had. It also helps me remember the places I have been!

The first key-chain I got on our Texas trip was from Padre Island. It is a National Seashore that goes about 30 miles. But there are no roads, so if you want to drive down the island, you have to drive on the beach. We drove for about 10 miles on the beach. It was quite the experience. There was a ton of debris that had washed up. While we were there, someone told us that that beach gets a lot of debris because a lot of different water currents wash up there. On the beach we saw all kinds of things: TVs, chairs, a boat, crates, ropes, bottles, lots of plastic, etc...
Padre Island (many turtles are born on the island) This key-chain also has a whistle on it! 

On the next part of our vacation we went to the Alamo in San Antonio. The key-chain below is from the Alamo gift shop.
The Alamo

The last key-chain on here is also from San Antonio. I found it at a shop in the Mexican Market. I wanted to get a key-chain with the Texas saying on it!

"Don't mess with Texas!"

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