Monday, January 14, 2013


We all have collections. Some people have small collections and some have rather large collections. My family happens to be a family that likes to collect. While people always come first in our lives, we do have our share of "things" and collections. My grandparents came from the generation that never got rid of things because, well, "you never know when you might need it"! To some extent, I think I may have inherited this as well. I like my collections and I like to see other people's collections. It can also be fun to add to yours or another person's collections. Collections tell stories!

My love of collections probably comes from when I was very young. When I was a little girl, I often went shopping and antiquing with my grandma and mom. I would get to help my mom and grandma look for pieces of their collections. It might have been a new cameo for my grandma's collection of those pretty pieces of jewelry. It might have been looking for another piece to my mom's dish set. Or it may have simply been the adventure of being together with three generations of family and the memories that came from those times.

Or it may have been the collections that were started for me. The Noah's Ark pieces that decorated my room from when I was little. The little mugs that were brought home to me from trips people went on. The books I have. And on and on...

But of all of the collections I have, the one I would like to share right now is my key-chain collection. Collecting key-chains started from a collection that my brother had. He had started collecting them and had a quite a few. I liked the idea and started my own collection many years ago. Since then I have collected quite a few. I have gotten them from different places that I have traveled, from other people that have brought me souvenirs, and some from conventions, booths, and fairs. I love getting a new key-chain and the memory that comes with it. And I would love to share them with you! Each week, I am going to try and share one or two key-chains with you. Hope you enjoy!

"Celebrate who you are"
My most recently acquired key-chain! I got this on December 31, 2012. Every New Year's Eve, we do a white elephant game and this was one of the prizes I won from the game!

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