Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yours Truly Keychains!

Over the years, I have received or bought a few keychains that have my name on them. It isn't very often that I can find things that actually have my name on them. (Since my name is just "Mandy", not "Amanda"). Most of the time, things with names on them have more common names on them. You can usually find the name "Amanda," but not "Mandy". So these are special to me because they have my name on them!

This keychain was given to me by my aunt. I think it was the first keychain that I got that had my name on it!
 This keychain I got at Disney World a few years back.

This is another one of my favorites! Again because it says my name on it and also because it is a flip-flop! In the summer, I love to wear flip-flops. I have several pairs and enjoy matching them with my outfit!

Is your name a "common" name, on the "top ten list," is it completely original?

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