Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Decemeber 2013

It has been so crazy lately. It seems as though I have either been working, finishing up Christmas stuff (shopping, helping cook and clean), or doing some other random stuff. Since Thanksgiving, the days have seemed to have filled up quite quickly. Right after Thanksgiving, my mom, sister, and I volunteered at some local mansions (yes, mansions!) in our town for their “Christmas at the Mansions”. Then the next weekend, my best friend from childhood got married and I was able to be a part of her special day. After we got home from the wedding activities, we then helped with a fundraiser for a candidate that is running for Governor. This weekend we had one of our family Christmases. This one was for my Dad’s side of the family.

After that family Christmas, we came back to our house and my brother’s family was staying with us. My nephew was playing with his new toys and a funny story came from it…

My 4 year old nephew received a transformer dinosaur that he was absolutely thrilled about. He went on and on about it. Then he said to me, “I have never seen a real dinosaur”. And he kind of went on about it and I was just thinking “of course not”. Then I thought maybe he was saying he had missed seeing them at the zoo (they had the robotic dinosaurs there for a while and my nieces and nephew thought they were real. But then he went on to explain why he had never seen the dinosaurs before. It was because “They had just “stinked” so much that they are not around anymore”. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that they may not have smelled bad, but that they were extinct. It was so funny, but he was completely serious about it. He truly believed that there are no dinosaurs anymore because they just “stinked” too bad!

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