Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Be content - Day 1

Be content - Day 1

I have decided to start 100 days of contentment. For 100 days, I am going to write and share with you things that help me with contentment. Now I realize that, again, true contentment doesn't come from things or even people, but all of the things that I will be writing down are blessings and gifts from God, and in Him we will find that contentment.

A couple of rules to get me started (and feel free to join in):
-I will probably not post every day. Yes, I am planning to do it for 100 individual days, but that doesn't mean it will happen everyday!
-I am only going to post 3 things each day.
-The style: some may be "I am thankful for..." and some may be "I find joy in..." or possibly some other format.

The goal? 

To just be more content and recognize those blessings and gifts around me. To be more grateful. To find joy every day and even in the little things!

1. My parents - for all they have done for me and have taught me.
2. Christian fiction authors - just to name a few: MaryLou Tyndall, Lisa T. Bergren, Karen Kingsbury, Cynthia Ruchti, Lauraine Snelling, and the many, many more that I am missing.
3. My baby nephew that was born today, making me an auntie 15 times!

Tuesday, 10/7/2014

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