Monday, August 8, 2016

July 2016 - Pre-Vacation

Where to start??? July became a CRAZY I knew it would be. It flew right by, but oh, the memories and the experiences! I had a lot of fun times, some struggles, and many new adventures!

July is filled with birthdays in our family. This year, it is also the month we decided to take our vacation and a big vacation at that! Independence Day meant fireworks and parades for our family.

The week after the 4th was busy with birthday celebrations (we would be missing some while we were gone, so we celebrated early) and all the preparations that were needed to be on vacation for about 12 days. We were camping, so that meant extra packing. We bring most of our meals with us, so lots of cooking too!

Right before we left, we had been visiting family and on the way home saw a young eagle!

After a ton of packing, cooking, and getting ready, we headed out on our adventure. Dad, Mom, my younger sister, and I were off! The plans included: Traveling through Duluth, MN into Superior, WI to the Upper Peninsula in MI, Mackinac Island, MI, down through Cleveland, OH, Up to Hamburg, NY where we would attend the International BMW Motorcycle show, over to Niagara Falls, NY, then back to Cleveland, OH for the Republican National Convention, and lastly to the Ark Encounter before heading home. Our family vacation would then be over and I would head directly to my next adventure at a youth leadership camp back in MN. Does it sound like a bit of a roller coaster ride? Well, it was! Ups and downs, twists and turns, and quite the adventure it was.

So there is your preview of posts to come and the reason why I haven't posted in all of July. Stay tuned for more stories to come!

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