Monday, November 14, 2011

River of Time Series

These are some books I really enjoyed and I hope you will too. For more info on the author, check out these link:
AUTHOR CONNECTIONS: (author web site) (the Bergrens’ travel web site)
Facebook: “Lisa Tawn Bergren” and “River of Time Series
Twitter: @LisaTBergren

Here is some info about the series:
My daughter was a reluctant reader. I tried book after book, but could not get her to willingly sit down and read a book to save my life—which is especially irritating when you’re an author! It wasn’t until I brought home Twilight that Olivia was hooked, reading way past bedtime, thinking about the characters all day, and eagerly returning home so she could read some more!
I read the series with her and we discussed them. But mostly I encouraged her to stay engaged…I was so glad to see her break through that fiction barrier and finally see what a good story was like. When we went to the first movie together, I looked around at all those girls who were so excited to be there, to see the tale turned into film, and I thought, “Man, I’d love to write for this audience too. Give them all the romance, and all the suspense, but skip the vampires.”
And that’s how the River of Time was born.
What surprised me most was how much fun I had writing them—I hope I get to keep writing for young adults. I love their enthusiasm and fresh perspective.

Gabriella and Evangelia Betarrini are the daughters of Etruscan archeologists. Stuck on a hot, dusty dig site for yet another long, dreary summer—far from the nearest boys—they go exploring. They enter a forbidden tomb and find two handprints among the frescoes. And when they touch them, together, they are catapulted back in time…and into the adventure of their lives.

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