Thursday, August 8, 2013

A David perspective

A few months ago I heard something interesting on the radio. It was the Focus on The Family episode from 4/25/13. Looking back, I can't remember what specifically the program was about, but I do remember getting this out of it. I wrote it down because I knew I wanted to remember this and share it with you. 

"We need a David-perspective. We look at the giant and we think that he is too big to defeat. David looked at the giant as someone too big to miss".

Do we live with a David-perspective? I think so many times we look at things in our life as too big to overcome. Too big to defeat. Maybe it is a health problem, a issue at work, or a family-related problem, but it is something that looks huge to us. We need to realize that God is on our side. And He will help us defeat the giants in our lives.

When I think of David defeating Goliath so many years ago, I also think of the movie "Facing the Giants". While the Biblical story of Daivd and Goliath is a true story and Facing the Giants is a fictional story, I think both show how God can work in our lives if we rely on Him.

So while you and I are pondering whether or not we are living with a David-perspective, check out this movie or read the story!

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