Monday, August 5, 2013

My (forgotten) love of writing (with a pen and paper)

I had forgotten how much I love writing, real writing, like actually sitting down with a pen and paper and writing! Lately, so much of the writing I do is on my computer or even on my smart phone. So tonight, when I pulled out a notebook and some fun new pens I bought (they are different colors), I really enjoyed it! 

There is just something about writing things down that calms my soul. One of my favorite ways to write is by journaling. My journaling has turned into more prayer journaling than the daily diary type, but I think that is why I find writing to be calming and refreshing. When I journal my prayers, I am taking the time to really think about what I am talking to God about. It is not rushed and hurried. Instead it is as if I am writing a letter to a friend, which is what I am doing. I know God listens to my prayers in whatever form, whether it is a quick prayer, a dinner prayer, or my written letters, He is there with me. 

Hopefully, I will learn to take more time to have quiet time with God. And more time to write things down (with a pen)! 

What is you preferred method of journaling or writing? What have you been doing lately?

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